Her compositional elements derive from natural forms which are altered to abstraction. A budding plant, a blooming flower, a spiral line, or even the complete cosmic world comprising individual living entities becomes an organic entirety in Erika Baktay’s art. Her depiction becomes richer and richer theme concerned not only with nature but also with the plane representation of space and time. Her works address the people of the 21st century. Her compositions are closed but enclosed within the disciplined outlines we encounter exciting surfaces, inner structures, which due to their variety never become boring though often simplified in form.
Her works are characterised by an individual painting technique with a plastic effect and by a manual method which gives her pictures a peculiar texture. Due to the plastic surface the spectacle often renews its colours as a result of the reflection of the light rays or by altering the angle of incidence - similar to the shiny eosin coating of ceramic pieces. This colour-changing plastic effect in plane is not incidental since Erika Baktay is not only a painter, but a dedicated expert in ceramics as well. Her latest plastic - mainly spherical - spatial pieces, which she often pairs with her plane works, may come from this early period.
She keeps experimenting and renewing her techniques. Her works are mostly geometric abstractions. Simultaneously with the plastic method the darker tone monochromy of her earlier pictures changes to more pastose brush strokes. Her colourit is enriched by colour harmonies ordered in geometric patterns sometimes only finely sometimes more strongly complemented by gold which illuminates the surface of the pictures. She works with innumerable variations extensively widening her fine art properties. Decorativity and peculiar texture characterise her pictures where the plastic forms are ordered into geometric or organic patterns. She creates her individual style by the plastic effect and by the force of her colours. Her art becomes purer and simpler; constructing from abstract forms gets more emphasis while still abundant in intellectuality. Beside their aesthetic effect, her works offer the possibility of the experience of being absorbed in them. She invites her audience to active appreciation and contemplation, who while observing her paintings become part of shaping the order, rhythm, and relation of quantities encoded in them.

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