„There are no fine arts
only fine artists”

E. H. Gombrich
The paintings of Erika Baktay have long been admired by the public in her exhibitions in Budapest, Bolzano, Merano, Verona, Milano, New York, Paris, Grenoble and Dubai. The artist spent several decades in Italy where she still lives and works.
The figurative paintings from her first period show the inspiration that she got by studying the works of the great Italian masters, and the effect of the art of the Middle Ages. This can be the reason why she often used wood or handmade paper instead of canvas. Gold, which was favoured and extensively used by the old masters, also appears on her pictures mysteriously and delicately, expanding the bounds of colours. As a genuine artist with her own methods of representation and artistic means she associates the different ages by showing only the essence. In her paintings she simplifies and recreates the baroque still lives and the finely detailed colourit rich Italian Venetian landscapes just as the lively scenes and genres inspired by the carnival. In the majority of her paintings and works of other techniques she captures atmospheres and impressions, which shows her emotionally rich lyric approach.
Her oeuvre - including the works of the last decades – shows a variety of topics, which is enhanced by her craftsmanship. Her sense of colour and the fine colour schemes she uses characterise all her pictures regardless of their different styles. Her paintings and other three-dimensional pieces are the works of a genuine colourist. She richly alternates her colours and ripens them into finely tuned harmony within each of her pieces. She builds up her works – the abstract representation of plants, natural landscape most often of Toscana – by experimenting with the colours and their different shades. Determined by her message sometimes she paints strong contrasts and at other times softly sensitive differences of shades.

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